Cyna what?

If you were told that Cynaptek comes from the contraction of the words synapse and technology? We explain everything.

A "synapse" is the junction between two neurons allowing the transmission of nerve influx such as dopamine and noradrenaline. The first is a neurotransmitter associated with mood and positive reinforcement while the second is associated with emotion and learning. By combining Synapse with technology, and after a few neurological and spelling pirouettes (the "C" is purely pragmatic), Cynaptek emerged as a self-evident fact. Not to you? Read on.
synapse connection

The journey

From the beginning…
As good atypical geeks, we grew up in a state of mind enthusiastic about animation, movies, series, role-playing, video and board games, comics, modelling and generally fantasy and science fiction. You know, these universes created by and for dreamers.
It was enthusiasm that allowed us to learn the animation and development of video games, to improve ourselves, very often in self-taught. Without enthusiasm, no intrinsic motivation yet necessary. 
Once in the active life, the dream quickly collapsed so astonishing the situation was. Business enthusiasm is waning, staff absenteeism is becoming more and more present and work-life split is becoming clearer. How can one live a life that has been largely spent working without enthusiasm? Hard come back to reality.
However we still had enough enthusiasm to contemplate that things could evolve differently through our experience and passions, because yes, enthusiasm is contagious. 

Where fun meets seriousness

…to the vision
All this has led us to tell us that it is possible to bring our modest stones to the building and use them as tools to build useful and formative experiences in business and for the world. These tools release enthusiasm and when it flows, the positive feedbacks from employees and clients are overwhelming.
This is where we are, creating solutions and experiences that touch the human and the emotional, and inspiring us every day for projects that you entrust to us. We get a thrill from making your processes fun, communicating your messages with humor and/or emotion in 2D and/or 3D animations and creating truly useful virtual reality experiences.

Do you believe?


Not convinced yet? To illustrate this possible combination of "fun" and seriousness, nothing better than to mention it with two acknowledgements obtained:
 - During the gala evening of the 7th edition of Boost-Up and the 2nd edition of the Creativity Checks on 31/03/15, at the Reflektor (Liège), Cynaptek received an award, benefiting from a "Creativity check" which she took advantage of through a collaboration with an active start-up in the field of biotechnology and health.
Family picture of the Boostup event
- On 09/06/2016, we are present at the 17th edition of the Belgian Corporate Video Festival which takes place at the Kinepolis in Brussels. This festival rewarded the best corporate videos in 8 categories and also presented 2 "grand prizes" and 4 "special prizes". On this occasion, Cynaptek received a Special Award in the Animation category!
 You will now have understood: working with listening, passion, method, rigour, pragmatism and creativity, this is our Credo (yes, yes... all this)!
Corporate Video Festival
Remise de prix au Belgian Video Corporate Festival

Presentation of the Pôle Image de Liège

Photo du Pôle Image de Liège

At the heart of the audiovisual industry in Liège

Because we are geeks, but we like people anyway, we've taken root in the Pôle Image de Liège, a center of audiovisual excellence that brings together many companies that rub shoulders with image, sound and digital. We take root because there is everything you need: an ecosystem of creative talents, film and sound recording studios, a fully equipped movie theatre, sports facilities… then a nap (that’s for us!).

We even got closer to a building company! We get along so well that we coexist in the office and work hand in hand. This story with Aftertouch Studio would make a beautiful love movie! We'll do an animation of it… someday. 

Don't be shy

What are you waiting for?

So entrust us with your projects of 2D/3D animation, interactive applications (desktop, mobile, web, terminals, etc.), seriousgames, advergames, 3D real time ..., mostly daring and complex ones! Challenge accepted!
Cynaptek's know-how will bring them to life Start a new project

Quote from Hortense Powdermaker

All entertainment is education in some way, many times more effective than schools because of the appeal to the emotions rather than to the intellect.

Hortense Powdermaker

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