August 2020


Société wallonne du Crédit social

SWCS – Animated shorts

The Société Wallonne du Crédit Social (SWCS) is a public interest organization that offers attractive loans to buy, renovate or build in Wallonia. 

The SWCS wanted to develop a strong concept through video capsules that increasingly became the pillars of their communication, while helping to promote their temperament loans.
SWCS – Animated shorts

Episode 2

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Episode 5

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A tailor-made solution
The solution seemed obvious to us: 3D animation! What could be stronger and more emblematic than the creation of friendly characters who become ambassadors of the brand? 

So we designed a crazy family, each member of which has a strong character, who has to deal with every day, not too ordinary situations... Okay, well, we may have exaggerated on the situations a bit... Otherwise, it's not funny! 

We won't tell you about the challenge of this project, considering the number of characters to create, the tight timing and the frequency of the capsules' release. Well, yes...
Trois personnages 3D debout

It works!

The challenge is met and is highly successful; the SWCS now has consistency in its communication media and its sympathetic capital has increased drastically thanks to the characters. The billboard campaign allows characters to get out of the Internet and to mark their minds, even on the streets.
The attractiveness of the company has increased significantly, especially in trade shows and fairs. This increase is due to the presence of screens on the stand. The animations catch the eye and the passers-by stop in front of the stand to watch them... and to put a foot in the stand at the same time.
The shorts have generated a lot of interest on social networks





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