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The health and medical sector has always been a driving force, because that is its reason for being. He puts the patient, therefore the human, at the center of his concerns... just like us! Paradoxically, the sector suffers from a lack of transparent, vulgarized communication and de-dramatization. Sometimes the patient can remain in an anxious misunderstanding. 

Although the sector is at the cutting edge, its digital transition is quite slow due to its age. Digital and 3D technologies are mainly aimed at helping doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies do their jobs better, and are rarely aimed at the patient himself.
chu project

Here we come

It's here that we come !
Our vision is firmly patient oriented. We place him at the heart of our experiences in order to improve his care. How? 
- By enabling him to gain in understanding through popularizing 3D animations that explain for example the evolution of his pathology or the effect of medication on his body. 
- By conducting virtual reality experiments designed to improve his comfort during treatment and his health process. 
- By helping doctors to popularize pathologies through didactic mobile applications and in 3D. 
These are just examples and we rely on your in-depth knowledge of health care to identify with us the projects that move the patient forward through didactics and fun.
chu project
Abbvie VisionIT
Abbvie VisionIT


Let's be serious!
It's great fun but health is serious! 
We agree! This is why our way of working takes into account the standards and regulations of this sector. 
We are in agreement with ISO 13845:XXXX standard such as the management of CAPA (Corrective Action Preventive Action) and the specificities of SaMD (Software As a Medical Device). 
We implement quality, risk, resource, internal training and feedback and user complaints management systems. 
We therefore integrate ourselves into your usual process to ensure that you are in good alignment with EC standards and the management of your subcontractors.

Customer focused

The patient but not only...
Although the patient is at the heart of our vision, we pay special attention to the client. The process of creation is defined with him and in accordance with both his constraints and his obligations. 
Ah yes, and we do not only do things for the patient; we also realize your 3D promotional or corporate animations for your commercial actions or fundraising. This is what we do for all other sectors! 
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Quote from Walt Disney

I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope that they were entertained.

Walt Disney

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