The needs of a communication agency
It is essential to define the main tasks of a communication agency in order to have a better knowledge of its own needs. 
As a first step, a communication agency must provide adequate support to its client in order to help him in the development and implementation of a communication strategy, with the aim of effectively valuing its brand image and developing his reputation.
Then, once the strategy has been defined, the communication agency has to set up the different communication actions previously established for the target audience.
To do so, it is a point of honor to offer its client communication media and relevant techniques that will enable the optimal transmission of the client’s message.
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What about Cynaptek's role in all this?
As already explained above, at Cynaptek we create smart entertainment and put fun at the service of seriousness. Our vision and commitment are based on that. That said, we're not only focusing on how to meet your needs. We are also looking to define how we can satisfy them in the most entertaining and judicious way possible. This therefore offers us a sea of possibilities that we offer in the form of different services defined according to your expectations. 

We provide agencies with innovative, entertaining and  cutting-edge communication techniques and materials that enable them to implement unique, effective and relevant strategies for their customers. 

The world of communication is moving forward as technology evolves. It is therefore essential for a communication agency to use today’s tools to provide its customers with the best media that is consistent with time. That's why we offer them innovative and entertaining solutions in accordance with our times and new technologies.
Ok, but concretely?
We manage the entire project chain or take in charge certain specific parts for your convenience.
We work on design, and/or realization, and/or post-production. That means that in the case of animation, for example, we write or refine the script, we draw and animate the storyboard, we stage the animatics, we create the visuals and 3D models, we animate the characters, we light up, we compile the renderings and retouch them in post-production. Phew, that makes work! This means that certain dependent positions can be taken at our charge and that we can work in collaboration with the agency or another project partner.
Of course, the same applies to other media such as virtual or augmented reality, interactive applications and video mapping, to name but a few. 
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All entertainment is education in some way, many times more effective than schools because of the appeal to the emotions rather than to the intellect.

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