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Since 2012, we have fulfilled our vision with different companies active in a multitude of sectors. And that is precisely what makes us strong: this ability to adapt to each client and project in order to sow the entertaining ingredients through tailored tools.

Intelligent animation, as we conceive it, is therefore not restricted to the only entertainment sector as many imagine. On the contrary! At Cynaptek we are keen to put seriousness at the service of fun and vice versa.
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we work here!
we work here!
Are you a company active in the medical sector and would like to communicate or present a new product in an entertaining way? Your company will soon be present at a fair or at a trade show and you want to have some impactful tools that attract the eye? You are a communications agency and aim to offer one of your clients a means of communication through the development of a 3D application?
Come and introduce your project! We will be pleased to discuss this with you and to define the services that will be in line with your needs.
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Quote from Walt Disney

Laughter is no enemy to learning.

Walt Disney

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