Terms and conditions

All our contracts are governed by our special conditions and by these general conditions which prevail over any clauses or indications contained in documents (general, special or other conditions) issued by the client, regardless of when they were sent to us.

Article 1 - Offer and order

  1. Unless otherwise agreed, the validity period of our offers is one month.
  2. Any order that has not been preceded by a written offer from us will only be binding on us if we have accepted it in writing.

Article 2 - Prices

  1. Our prices are in euros, excluding VAT. Any increase in VAT or any new tax that may be imposed between the time of the order and the time of delivery will be charged to the customer.
  2. Unless otherwise stated in our offers, our prices are for delivery to our premises. If we take care of the transport or its organisation, we will invoice the customer for the transport costs.
  3. Our prices only apply to the supply and services described in the offers on the basis of the agreed specifications, to the exclusion of any other work and services that will be invoiced in addition to the planned price.
  4. Any change in the agreed specifications will only be binding on our company if it has accepted it in writing and will result, if necessary, in an increase of the initial price.

Article 3 - Payment and claims

  1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the work performed by our company is payable as follows: -30% down payment on order, the balance when the project is handed over or on print order. By way of derogation from the above, we shall also be entitled to request additional advance payments as the work progresses in the event of an order for an amount exceeding 10,000.00 euros or if the client requests a major revision of the project.
  2. Our invoices are payable in cash at our registered office, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  3. In the event of non-payment of an invoice on the due date, payment of all invoices sent to the customer will become immediately due. We shall also be entitled to suspend the performance of our services after a formal notice has been unsuccessful.
  4. Any invoice unpaid on the due date will automatically and without formal notice produce an interest rate of 1% per month, with a minimum of €25.
  5. Any invoice unpaid on the due date shall also be automatically increased, without formal notice, by a fixed compensation of 10% of the amount unpaid as fixed damages.
  6. Any complaint concerning the work carried out by us must be addressed to us in writing within 8 calendar days following the date of delivery. Any complaint concerning our invoices must be addressed to us in writing within 8 calendar days of their receipt.

Article 4 - Obligations of the parties and limitation of liability

  1. The customer undertakes to send us, under his responsibility, all the elements necessary (texts, photos, logos, approvals) for the execution of the contract in a finalized and usable version, as soon as the contract is concluded. The customer shall be solely liable in the event of any claim by third parties relating to the elements provided.
  2. The equipment that the customer has made available to us will be stored in our workshops at the customer's risk, who must ensure that it is insured if necessary. We cannot be held liable for any loss or theft.
  3. Our commitments can be analysed as obligations of means. Our liability is limited to contractual and foreseeable damages and may not exceed the value of the contract.
  4. We are only committed to providing our customers with computer files that comply with traditional printing standards. We cannot be held liable if there are differences between the computer visualization and the final result of the products. The reproduction of colours visible on a screen and on another medium can in no way be guaranteed.

Article 5 - Time limits for execution

  1. Unless explicitly guaranteed in our offers, the deadlines mentioned in our offers are given as an indication and are not mandatory deadlines. We may only be held liable if the delay is significant and attributable to our sole negligence and after our company has been given formal notice by registered letter.
  2. When the payment of a down payment on the order has been provided for or when the customer has to provide us with particular information and/or specific equipment, the stipulated execution times will only take effect after receiving payment and after receiving the information and/or equipment.
  3. The agreed deadlines will be extended if the client requests significant modifications to the project or if he delays in responding to requests from us for validation of the work performed.

Article 6 - Resolution of the agreement

  1. We are entitled to terminate the agreement, ipso jure, by notifying the customer of our intention by registered letter, in the event of serious breach by the customer of one of his contractual obligations, in particular, if there are payment delays of an invoice for more than 30 calendar days, or if it appears that he will not perform or seriously risks not performing one of his main obligations, even before this obligation is due, in particular in the event of bankruptcy, liquidation or judicial reorganisation.
  2. In the event of termination of the sale pursuant to the above paragraph, the customer shall be liable to us for damages for costs incurred with a minimum of 25% of the agreed price.

Article 7 - Force majeure

Are considered as cases of force majeure authorizing us to suspend the performance of our obligations or to terminate the contract without compensation: partial or total strikes, riots, lockouts, bad weather, machinery breakdown, fire, or any other cause beyond our control making the normal performance of our obligations impossible, substantially more expensive or more difficult.

Article 8 - Intellectual property rights

  1. Unless otherwise agreed, the name or logo of our company appears on our work and on its reproductions and may not be deleted without our agreement.
  2. We retain all our intellectual property rights to the works including a creative activity that we have carried out, in particular on the photographs, with the exclusivity of reproduction rights, in any form whatsoever.
  3. The customer is only allowed to reproduce the work ordered for the destination and according to the terms specified when ordering.
  4. Our agreement is necessary for any other reproduction and/or use which must, consequently, be the subject of a prior written agreement between the parties.
  5. Unless otherwise agreed, we will be able to freely reuse our creations in the context of other orders.
  6. Unless otherwise agreed, we shall also be entitled to reproduce or use the work carried out and to mention the customer's name in advertising documents and/or on our website for promotional purposes.

Article 9 - Jurisdiction and applicable law

Our contractual relations with the customer are governed by Belgian law. Any dispute directly or indirectly relating to our contractual relations with the customer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the area of our registered office.

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