How to highlight your business with 3D and smart entertainment

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3D animation at the heart of our fun society, but not just! 

While 3D animation has been the prerogative of cinema for some time (special effects, animated films...), today it is no longer limited to this field. This digital technology, which is 3D or "3 Dimensions", is actually increasingly interfering in our daily lives, whether it is through 3D computer-generated imagery, video games (“Allo Minecraft?") or advertising. We will see, however, that 3D technologies are becoming more affordable and useful to businesses. 

If you realize the impact of 3D on fun activities, what about the one that it has and will have in the future on the world of business and communication! To do this, we wondered what the most common questions are currently being introduced in online search engines. Two stand out: "How to do 3D animation?" and "How to make an animated movie?". On the other hand, the question of the usefulness of 3D for professionals is infrequently explored on the web. 
One observation prevails: 3D is indeed massively exploited by medicine (in the United States, for example, virtual reality is used to train doctors and simulate surgical procedures to achieve perfect mastery), by industry, start-ups (they use 3D printing to iterate pieces and then test them...), by museums (in order to restore some works of art, to recreate them entirely, to offer virtual tours), by archeology (with the reconstruction of sites) and many other sectors. 

Thanks to past, present and future research and development (R&D) activities, new technologies are emerging and constantly evolving. Here are a few (non-exhaustive examples):
3D print
3D print
3D printing: three-dimensional printing is a process that deposits, solidifies or aggregates material by gluing it layer by layer until a physical 3D final component is obtained. It is possible to create objects, buildings, human skin, prostheses, organs,… 
Virtual reality - VR
Virtual reality - VR
virtual reality: it is a computer technology that allows an individual to completely immerse himself in a universe that is artificially generated by software. The user can therefore interact in this digitally created environment where sensory activities can even be reproduced ("Bullet train", from Epic Games). 
Augmented reality - AR
Augmented reality - AR
augmented reality: it consists of overlapping of 2D or 3D elements with reality, calculated in real time by a smartphone, a tablet… ("Pokemon Go"). Ikea uses it through its Ikea Place application. For an individual home builder, this technology can enable him to create a real catalog of 3D houses that he can then project on the ground of his customers. 
3d scan
3D scan
3D scan: scan technologies allow you to capture the structure of an object, its colour, its materials or the movements of an individual in order to digitalize them. They allow you to reproduce scenery (houses, cities, castles, buildings…) and objects with a disconcerting precision. 
webgl with babylonjs
WebGL (and soon WebGPU): with it, real-time 3D content can be directly displayed in our web browser by leveraging our ever-increasing performance PC’s. 
But can 3D animation combine "fun" and "serious"? 
At Cynaptek, we think so; this unlikely alliance of extreme seriousness to "lightness" is part of our DNA! It is also what makes us more creative and inventive while respecting the rules... but with pleasure.
3D animation at the heart of your business project with smart entertainment
Joining the useful to the pleasant, informing while entertaining, this is how, at Cynaptek, we envision our work. This is what we call smart entertainment. For several years now, we have been supporting companies in all sectors (communication, real estate, industry, medicine...) who have a message to convey but do not know how. 
In this way, we allow companies to break away from the "serious" nature inherent in the corporate world by spreading a powerful message of both entertainment and intelligence. 
-Want to communicate about a new product and/or service developed by your company?
- You're a start-up and have a project in development to present? 
- You plan to participate in a showroom, a trade show or exhibition and wonder how to showcase your product/services? 
- Want to gain more audience?
- Want to stand out from the competition? 
Our Liège-based 3D studio will help you find solutions to all your questions.
So contact us and we'll tell you what 3D and smart entertainment can bring you more!

Meanwhile, here are the projects carried out by Cynaptek.
How to highlight your business with 3D and smart entertainment

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