And tomorrow then, how do we regain the human in the virtual exhibitions?

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While waiting Covid for the Covid to be forgotten and to be able to shake hands again, the events of the future get themselves organized and more particularly on the side of the virtual 3D web. And one of the great ways is that we can use 3D technologies to rediscover this lost space where we could be present but virtually.

A website can be cold, vast, standardized (looking like many others) and tedious to browse. However, it has this ability to attract and hold the attention of Internet users...  provided it offers differenciating experiences! And that's where 3D can be interesting, if you use it wisely.
So, transposing this kind of event into a 3D world allows us to recreate in part this particular atmosphere, more spontaneous human contacts and presence. Like a video game, you can walk around this world and interact with other visitors’ avatars.

The technological leads:
  • WebGL / WebGPU
It opens up huge possibilities. In order to get a mass membership, the easiest way is to use the 3D technologies available on Internet browsers that make it possible to display and exploit 3D content directly in them (i.e. without having to install an application). As this technology is available to the most, participate to such an experience is therefore easily accessible. Thanks to it, we're going to have access to these environments that allow us to spatialize content. This is the first step towards 3D virtual events.
A negative point is the lack of control on the available equipment and therefore on the performance that enables this 3D content to be generated. We will then focus on a particularly thorough optimization to ensure that everyone can enjoy it. This kind of problem is solved over time, better software and more and more efficient machines.
Facebook Horizon
Facebook Horizon
  • Virtual reality
With virtual reality glasses, we create a 3D universe in which new experiments can be experienced, but these can also remind us of those interactions that we miss, especially thanks to the haptic technologies that allow us to physically interact with a virtual object by rendering the sense of touch. We will then be able to walk through these scenes imagined for users and make meetings thanks to the representations of avatar. It will also be possible to experiment with products/services that would have been very difficult to show before (we can imagine visiting a building, a ship…).
In the case of hybrid events (with live and remote participation), VR brings a touch of creativity that may be lacking in a physical exhibition. Your business and customers will have multiple benefits such as:
  • increase in the number of people likely to be interested in the booth and engage in chatting,
  • reduction of the costs associated with the use of heavy gear,
  • sensory immersion and unique product experience,
  • promotion via social networks,
  • no need to be limited to a maximum number of visitors per hall,
  • the creation of the decor will no longer be limited in terms of design but also in terms of functionality,
  • visitors who could not make the travel will be able to attend these new meetings...

So access to these will be boosted. We are probably heading towards hybrid formats that will persist after the Covid-19.

It is now obvious that the virtual reality experience is constantly improving as the years go by. In addition to this, the necessary equipment is becoming more democratic, such as with the already famous Oculus Quest 2. Although a minimum investment is still necessary, the VR headset could become a better alternative to the webcam in these new generation meetings.
Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
It is the least apparent technology and certainly one of the most important because it is underlying most areas.
Do you only have one picture and need a 3D avatar? No worries! AI can generate it automatically. The animation is done by tracking your eyes, your face and analyzing your voice to accurately transcribe them.
The issue of the Big Data analysis has evaporated due to the increasing performance of AIs and their more relevant results. The same is true for chatbots capabilities that address broader issues and understand the context in a more humane way.
  • Neuronal interfaces
Going further into emerging technologies, there are several research and projects under development, such as Neuralink (start-up co-founded by Elon Musk) or Next Mind that can be used to retranslate any thought into action. So we're starting to be able to control our environment and, by going a little further, to transmit messages to the brain in order to make us feel the touch, a smell.. We are in full science fiction and this futur is already for tomorrow! 
Events that partially use these technologies already exist; we can mention Magnid or still Teamew with which the Virtuality 2020 event was recently produced. Both helped to recreate a complete virtual reality event.
In the same way, a complete virtual world will be accessible through Facebook Horizon, which will allow users and brands to use this creative space. We are talking here about a complete 3D version of Facebook that will become  "The" meeting place where everyone can play, create a virtual world of their own and explore those of other users/brands!

Developments in classic events are still being designed and may seem quite young. That said, the biggest obstacle today comes from these big events which are not yet convinced of the usefulness of trying to reinvent themselves because of lack of means, motivations, techniques or other. The organisers are currently focusing on the most accessible solutions, which do not meet all expectations.

With a lucid and pragmatic look, it therefore seems to us that, in future, classical events will merge with virtual events to move towards hybrid versions that bring real added value to the classic versions. So, quickly tomorrow?
And tomorrow then, how do we regain the human in the virtual exhibitions?

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